Nara must visit - Wakakusayama Mountain & Nara Park 2020/06/13

***Wakakusayama mountain***

The mountain is located in the east of Nara Park. Between Tondasi and  shrine, there is a foothill about 342 meters high. It is called ruocao mountain. Tourists are allowed to climb Mount Wakakusayama all year round except during winter. A small entrance fee is charged.

Open time:

End of March ~Mid of December 

9:00am ~ 17:00pm 


Adult JPY 150  

Children JPY 80   


***Nara Park***

Nara Park is a large park in central Nara. It is the location of many of Nara’s main attractions including Todaiji, Kasuga Taisha, Kofukuji and the Nara National Museum. It is also home to hundreds of freely roaming deer.

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