The most popular Temman Gu in Kansai! 2020/06/04

I think everyone has listened to Temmen Gu(Shrine)!! Especially Japanese students, as long as they are studying and taking exams, will come here to pray for being qualified. Not only that, there are many things Temmen Gu(Shrine) can pray for. Today, I want to introduce you to Temmen Gu(Shrine), the most popular place in Kyoto, Osaka and Kobe. I have to say that these three places have different landscapes. If you have the opportunity to go to these three places, don’t miss it!

***Kyoto Kitano Temmen Gu*** 

This is the head office of the Temmen Gu, a society of about 12000 branches around in Japan. The God is known as “the God of learning”. And the plum blossom is his favorite flower. Therefore, many plum blossoms are planted here. The appreciation of plum blossom in February attracted many people to visit.

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***Osaka Temman Gu***

Every examination season, Osaka examines come here to pray for protection, and the “Tenjin festival ” held in July every year is also held here, which is the three traditional sacrifice activities in Japan, together with the memorial ceremony in Kyoto Gion festival and Kanda festival in Tokyo.

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***Kobe Kitano Temmen Shrine***

In June 1180, when the capital was moved from Kyoto to Kobe for the power of pingqingsheng, the northern wild Tenman shrine of Kobe was invited and built as the guard of the Palace – “God of protection of ghost gate town”. Standing on the hills of  shrine, looking at Kobe City is also very beautiful!

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