The suburbs of Kobe -Maiko park 2020/06/03

There is also a famous bridge in Kobe, and there is a big square here. As long as you take a tram to a little place in the suburb where there are few stops from Kobe, you can have a different sea view!!

*** Maiko Marine Promenade (Akashi-Kaikyo Bridge)***

On the Akashi-Kaikyo Bridge, was constructed on the Kobe side of the bridge as an additional facility and was opened on April, 1998. Situated approximately 47 meters above the sea and 150 meters above the ground, it has a total length of approximately 317 meters looking over the Akashi Strait.


***Sun Yat-sen Memorial Hall (Ijokaku)***

Ijokaku is a cottage that Gokindo, a trader in Kobe, built in 1915. Chinese revolutionary Sun Yat-sen, who once visited this place. 

***Former Residence of the Kinoshita Family***

The Former Residence of the Kinoshita Family is a modern Japanese residence that was originally completed as a private residence in 1941 for a man named Ryosuke Matano.

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 Maiko Marine Promenade

[business hours] 9:00 ~ 18:00 (GW · summer vacation to 19:00), October ~ March, the second Monday (the second day in case of holidays), 12 / 29 ~ 12 / 31 rest

[fee] adults 300 yen (250 yen) over 70 years old 150 yen (100 yen) high school students below free ※ () working day fee


Sun Yat-sen Memorial Hall (Ijokaku)

[business hours] 10:00-17:00, Monday (the second day in case of holidays), 12 / 29-1 / 3 rest

[fee] 300 yen for adults over 70 and 200 yen for high school students


Former Residence of the Kinoshita Family

[business hours] 10:00-17:00 (last entry time to 30 minutes before closing) and Monday (the next day in case of holidays)

[fee] adults 100 yen, over 70 years old and under 50 yen, free for high school students

By public transportation

5-minute walk to the south from Maiko Station on the JR Kobe Line, or from Maiko Park Station of the Sanyo Electric Railway


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