Must visit church cafe in Kobe!! 2020/06/02

Have you ever feel you don’t want to just shopping in Osaka? Walking by one and the other one shrine in Kyoto?  Then how about the Kobe?! 

When it comes to this elegant city, you will think of coffee and dessert shops. In this port city near the mountains and sea, any corner coffee shop seems to be in an exotic mood! This is to introduce the coffee shop of the church!!


Here is the bakery shop on the first floor and the coffee shop on the second floor. In the afternoon of ordinary days, the shop is very busy. When I come here, in addition to the design in the church, I am looking forward to the coffee dessert, which is also exciting!

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Afternoon tea time, order a dessert and a cup of coffee in the shop, and enjoy the afternoon. The fruit tart cream filling is very dense, and the tart skin is just roasted, with coffee, the sweetness is moderate!

Next year, make a promise for a church wedding ceremony + outdoor wedding photo!!

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