Must visit for good fortune - Ikuta Shrine 2020/06/01

One of Kobe’s most famous shrines is the Ikuta shrine!

The God of the field is called kanbei. It is said that this is the origin of the place name of Kobe.

The Shinto shrine is about 10 minutes away from Sannomiya station, and it’s one of the most popular love shrines because of it is the goddess of wakahirumenomikoto and its special desire for good marriage!


The Ikuta Shinto shrine has a history of 1800 years. It is a famous ancient battlefield of the Genpei War in Japanese history. The Ikuta Shinto here can be said to be the energy place of Kobe. Don’t miss the opportunity to get the good energy here!

Kobe St. Morgan church is not far from Ikuta shrine. After the wedding, you can come to the shrine!



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