The suburbs of Kobe - Arima-onse 2020/05/31

When you come to Kobe, must mention the Arima-onse! The hot spring here is one of the three ancient hot springs in Japan ( Dogo Onse and Nanki Shirahama Onse).

Actually, there is no volcano near the horse in Kobe! But the hot spring is from the underground 60 kilometers, and has a variety of spring quality, very interesting.


***Kinsen(golden hot spring)***

As the iron and salt contents bubble up from the ground, the interaction between the iron and the open air changes the color of the hot spring to a “golden” reddish-brown (Kin means gold in Japanese).

***Ginsen(silver hot spring)***

Ginsen is the carbonic spring which is the best known for their ability to boost blood circulation and the metabolism, help with the removal of lactic waste, and eliminate edema. 

*** Arima-onse Street***

You must take a trip to hot spring street. Although it’s a small street, it’s very worthwhile to take a retro street

***Kobe rope(Rokko-Arima)***

We want to tell you that you have to take a cable car. We suggest you can arrange a trip to Rokko mountain, then take a cable car from the top of Rokko mountain to Arima-onse, and then stay in there for one night!


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