To know the Japanese Food "Sushi" in 5 minutes!! - Area 2020/05/17

When we talk to Japanese cuisine, the first thing definitely is “sushi”.  No matter whether we have been to Japan or not, there will be sushi all over the world, which is also the best representative of Japanese food!

Do you know the origin of sushi?

Sushi means “sour” in ancient Japanese, which means putting salt, rice and fish together, then pressing and storing for several months with heavy weight, making the acetic acid produced by rice fermentation to marinate the fish, and then preserving the fish. After fermentation, the fish tastes slightly sour, which is the origin of sushi.


***Kansai & Kanto***

Kansai「Hako Sushi」

Kansai’s people put the rice with vinegar and other ingredients in a small wooden box, arrange them in order, and then press the lid tightly, and then cut the pieces when they want to eat, so it is called “Hako sushi”.


Kyoto「Saba sushi」

Do you know that Kyoto also depends on the sea? In fact, the Kyoto mansion is very big. The Kyoto in the north is near the sea, especially the mackerel.


We all know that the ancient emperor lived in Kyoto. Then, the sushi box arrived in Edo (now Tokyo) in Kanto From Kansai,

Because people here live fast. In order to be ready to eat, chefs think of using fresh sashimi and rice to make “sushi”.

Next, we are show you the styles of sushi. Coming soon!!

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