“Ikebana” Do you know the Japanese art of flower arrangement ? 2020/05/14

“Ikebana”  is a Japanese flower arrangement. The beginning of Japanese flower arrangement was offering flowers at Buddhist altars became common. Later, it began to be divided into several systems in Japan. Now, these three systems are the most famous in Japan:


The focus of Japanese flower arrangement is simple and simple, with few flowers, and the performance of flowers and branches.


Ikenobo is the first! It presents three kinds of techniques: Flower setting, flower producing and flower freely. This system has a long history of 45 years.



It is characterized by freedom and unconstrained form. And show people’s personality as the basic, using a lot of very novel ideas, sticks, stones, metals, etc. are used as flowers.


To mention the Ohararyu that is the greatest achievement is to design a flower arrangement style that can make more people like, use water trays to hold flowers, and apply them to the living space at home.


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