Tea ceremonyーJapan「Chado」 2020/05/12

In Japanese culture, tea ceremony, flower ceremony and Book ceremony are all famous in the world. If you like to understand the cultural spirit of this country, don’t miss these interesting experiences when you come to Japan. These experiences are basically the most abundant in Japan, so you can not only play in key cities of Japan, but also experience the Japanese spirit when you come to Kobe, Kansai Kyoto, Japan!!

It’s explained that the tea ceremony was carried forward by SEN Rikyu. He studied the tea ceremony since he was a child. He proposed harmony, respect, purity and tranquility. After his death, his descendants led tea ceremony of Japan. From the tea practiced by these three sons, there arose the Omotesenke, Urasenke, and Mushakojisenke traditions of Tea, respectively. The main tea ceremony to be introduced is in Kyoto.

***Once‐in‐a‐lifetime encounter***


The formal dress of tea ceremony is kimono, but in order to promote it to foreigners, it will not be forced to wear.


Usually the first time guests do not need to bring props, but if they really want to enter the world of tea ceremony, these are to be prepared.

Fan, paper and snack fork

Tea house


Usually in the teahouse, in front of the flower arrangement drawing axis is the guest, and then sits in clockwise order


We will say host to「teishu」,assistant is called「hantou」

Japanese sweets

In the tea ceremony, assistant will bring the Japanese sweets, which is usually the dessert with the season.

Before eatting「お菓子をちょうだいします」(o kashi wo choudai shi masu). Then say to the next guest「お先に」(o saki ni)。


Drink tea

When tea is put in front of you, the tea bowl hold on the left side . Say「お先に」(o saki ni). Then say to host 「お点前ちょうだいします」(o temae choudai shi masu).

When you pick it up, hold it with your right hand and your left hand to express your gratitude. Then turn clockwise twice to the right to start drinking.

After drinking, use your thumb and index finger to wipe the place where your mouth touched, turn it anticlockwise twice, and put it down.




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