You don't know the charming Fushimi Inari ! 2020/05/10

When you come to Kyoto, you must know the Kiyomizu temple, Arashiyama and Gion, mana tourists visit there. Although this place has been talked many times, we still need to talk about this place!!

***Fushimi Inari Taisha***

The origin of Inari is Inari mountain. The foundation of the God in charge of food. family and housing is the God to protect everyone’s rich and happy life, mainly to pray for the God of business, family and transportation.

Here can be visited 24 hours a day anytime, but we suggest that you visit it during the daytime. The scenery you see is more beautiful!

If you have a lot of interesting that you can find more information on the official website of Fushimi Inari.


***Inari Mountain***

From小五 日本旅行婚紗攝影

This is the mountain at the southernmost end of Higashiyama. It’s 233 meters high, and it has three peaks. Probably you can take about 2 hours for hiking. Actually, you also can see a lot of  shrines in each section, you will find many different scene in here.

So it’s more interesting to hiking of Inari mountain!

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