The famous of history&spot in JapanーArashiyama, Kyoto 2020/05/08

As you know, in Japanese history, literature even painting that you can find the Arashiyama this word. It is not only popular with the Japanese, but also popular for tourist  of all over the world who come to Kyoto. If you haven’t come to here, you must to visit Arashiyama!

In spring, there are 1500 cherry blossoms trees around the here. In autumn, there are maple leaves to enjoy. Of course, this is definitely the recommended place for visitors all year round.


***Tenryuji Temple***

This is the first of the five mountains in Kyoto, the Tenryuji temple of Japanese of buddhism. The famous  garden is Sogenchi Garden. Especially the first time we saw this garden, and the mountain that is really spectacular.


***The road of bamboo forest***

The bamboo forest is 400 meters long and has many entrances and exits. You can walk into the bamboo forest from Tenryuji temple to Nonomiya shrine or near Arashiyama station of Sagano-Kanko. Because everyone comes here to take photos and visit, you can meet a lot of people on this road. We suggest you can find a place with fewer people and enjoy the peace of the bamboo forest.

***Nonomiya Shrine***

In the bamboo forest, there is a shrine with a long history, the Nonomiya shrine. Isejingu  and The Tale of Genji that have been mentioned, which the most famous one is the turtle stone that will be realized within one year when you make a wish. Of course, you can pray here for those who want to get married and have an easy delivery of a baby, so there are a lot of visitors.


Want to know more about other private of Arashiyama’s spots? Please contact to us. There are other different places here. We would like to recommend them to you!!



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