The powerful energy spot of Kyoto - Kifune・Kurama 2020/05/06

As we mention before, it is a city surrounded by mountains of Kyoto. There are many mountains can go hiking. This time, we introduce you that the place known as the most powerful energy in Kyoto is Kurama mountain. 

We suggest that you can take a bus to Kurama, go to the Kurama temple. To start from here. 


***Kurama temple***

You can see the long‐nosed goblin ourside of Kurama station. 

Why we say here is energy spot? 

It is said that as long as you stand in the “Honden Kondp(main golden hall)” of the “Golden Hall of this hall”, you can get energy. Therefore, the first thing you need to do after you arrived here to quickly supple the energy!

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***Kifune shrine***

Kifune Shrine is the “God of water” who is responsible for water supply. This is also the origin of Ema (votive picture of horse).

In addition, it is also famous for “making a good connection”, which makes many men and women come here to wish a good marriage.

Summer you can have a meal on the river which is named riverbed cuisine. 

Autumn that you can enjoy the view of maple on day and night!  

It is also famous fortunetelling of water. 

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