Wedding reception - Let's play Japanese Song in Spring time! 2020/04/08

Do you want to know the most recommended Japanese songs for Japanese weddings?

Please continue to read this article and take a look at the Japanese song list recommended by our PA in Osaka for the bridegroom and bride!

◆サクラ咲け Sakura Sake/ Arashi

In the flower season, it will definitely be on the popular karaoke songs on list of Japan top song. This is a very lively song, so the atmosphere will be very high!


◆桜の時 Sakuranotoki /aiko

It’s a sweet and sour love song that can convey the contrast of mood.

The concert is light and slow, which can be played in the middle of the wedding banquet.


◆花は桜 君は美し    Hana wa Sakura Kimi wa utsukushi /Ikimono gakari

This is a song on their of independent production of Ikimono gakari.

Because it’s a bit cold season that I want to listen to the melody, but in the middle of it, I will turn to lighter music, and the lyrics are more impressive, which is also a choice for many people.


◆千本桜 Sen Bon Sakura

The popular voiceoid “the future of the first voice” on the video website sang the song

A song with a musical instrument orchestra. Even more than 100 million regeneration times!

This is a piece full of Japanese style music. 


◆桜会 Sakura kai/ yuzu

In 2012, Jr West Japan’s “Shanyang Kyushu Shinkansen first anniversary publicity campaign” was used as an advertising song, and many people have heard of it. 

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