We can do SDGs from family in daily life !! 2020/04/02

Before we mentioned the SDGs in Kyoto city→Please click here Link for more info. 

When two people become a family and we will have next generation. Thinking about what we can do for this society for our children and grandchildren. The world is more convenient and developed, the more garbage humans make. But we can do small places to start!!

1. Prepare the recycle bag. 

This is the simplest step and everyone can do it right now!!

2. refuse to use plastic straw. 

Donʻt use the plastic straw. In 2015, there was a video about sea turtle, that is a 10cm plastic straw in it nose.  From now on, you can use environmentally friendly straws (stainless steel, bamboo, glass straws, etc.) to contribute to the plastic-free ocean




3. Less using the plastic umbrella

Because this plastic umbrella is cheap, it is easy to buy and discard it, causing a lot of garbage. Bring your own umbrella and folding umbrella.

4. Make a family gathering  

You can meet at home for a fixed time, so you can turn off other lights, and even use candles to reduce the using of lights.

5. Take care the food source and safety.

Food safety and healthy eating are now widely publicized, so paying attention to the process and source of food can create a better world!

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