OVERSEAS WEDDING in JAPAN-Kobe St.Morgan Church 2020/03/21

A city of style and culture in Kobe

There are many sightseeing spots and food here, 🍩🐂

It is a very attractive place for tourists.


Exotic [Old Residence] makes people linger,

[Kobe Port] The beauty of the night lights is really a romantic perfect score,

Kobe full of foreign winds,

Whether it’s the famous Kobe Steak,

Or Western desserts, breads, and chocolates are all delicious.

Perhaps you can only experience Kobe’s unique beauty if you actually walk around.


Most famous sightseeing places are concentrated in urban areas,

For example, Sannomiya and Motomachi districts, Nanjing town, former residence, Kobe Port, Kobe Animal Kingdom, etc.

There are also several famous sightseeing spots outside the urban area.

For example, Rokko Mountain, Arima Onsen, etc.

So staying in Kobe for a few days and playing slowly is also good.



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