The Flower of Early Summer: hydrangea (ajisai season)! 2020/03/02

Now during the Covid-2019 epidemic, please pay attention to your health! Wear a mask, wash your hands and gargle frequently and disinfect yourself at any time! !! We believe spring will come!

After the cherry blossom season is the hydrangea season, it is expected that the epidemic situation will drop sharply after the weather is coming hot. If you are expecting a good day to get married in this year, we recommend that you pick the day from summer now!

The most recommended solution is a wedding ceremony with location shooting, so that you are not only the church wedding ceremony and take photos in front of our beautiful stained glass, but also take a wedding photo in your favorite location, you can choose the ceremony + wedding photos at once.

10:00 Start make up

12:00 Wedding ceremony 

13:00 Same wedding dress and depart the church for location photoshoot

time will be around 1 hour to 1 and half hours

15:00 Back to church and finish the day.

Now we recommend you two location for the hydrangea season.

Kyoto Botanical Garden

Umenomiya shrine  addJPY30,000


Welcome to contact us to ask more details of wedding in Japan.


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