TAGAYA recommends a Japanese shrine wedding----Kamigamo Shrine 2020/02/27

Kamigamo-jinja is the oldest shrine in Kyoto and an important world cultural heritage.
The clear sand in Japan has the effect of bringing good luck.

The “tachisuna” in front of the temple is considered to be the origin of “clear sand”.
Gion Festival, Era Festival and Aoi Festival. It is called the three major festivals of Kyoto.
The Aoi festival was held at Kamikamo Shrine. Because of this, it is also well known to the Japanese.
You can enjoy the scenery of the four seasons here, in the spring cherry blossom season and the autumn maple leaf season, it is also the most ornamental period.

Make an oath of love with Japan’s oldest ritual
  A poetic wedding in a historic venue
【Admission seat】
The groom and bride washed their hands under the guidance of the head of the shrine and the Shrine maiden and set off for the ceremony.
The clergy chanted the royal words while eliminating the calamities of the bride and groom and the participants.
【 Bowed】 
The participants stood up and bowed again with the clergy.
The clergyman made a marriage report to God and read out a wedding message to bless the marriage.
【Three offerings ceremony】
Groom and bride hand over cups for a change.
                (Using three wine glasses, each three times a total of nine times, three three to nine,
                Nine degrees in the cup means long and forever, meaning of old age.
【Exchange ring】
After the Shrine maiden sent the ring,
                The bride and groom put each other’s wedding ring on each other’s left ring finger.
【Tamaki skewer】
The Shrine maiden will send the Tamaki skewer, and the bride and groom accept theTamaki skewer and move forward toward God.
                The participants looked in the direction of the bride and groom.
                (Tamaki skewer, Japanese cleteera with branches and leaves, is a sacred relic connecting God and human heart).
【Family Cup】
Shrine maiden filled the wine with two friends and relatives.
                The guests stood up together, toasting to celebrate the two officially became relatives.
【Prayer of the Lord】
The participants rose and bowed again with the clergy.
                The clergy blessed the two of them in a knot, and their heads were old and blessed.
The bride and groom began to leave, and the guests left.

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