2020 want to say ~I LOVE YOU ~ how to choose a wedding ring? 2020/02/17

We are about to get married. Which ring is best for you?
Today I will tell you the representative designs of various styles of rings.


1. Simple straight style that you can wear every day

—- Simple is always the best choice.


2. Excellent slender finger effect! S-shaped ring

—- S-shaped fingertips can make fingers look longer and longer.

3.V-shaped rings are very popular in fashion circles.

—-The charm of V-shaped rings gives a keen and intelligent impression.


4. Diamond ring

—-a symbol of eternal love.


5. Soaring popularity set ring-reasonable price

—-can be stacked with wedding rings.



6. Pair with two-person mark pattern

—- For a ring that only wants two people to keep as a memorial.



7. Wide design and charming appearance

—-suitable for personality and creative people.



8. Marriage rings with different designs for couples

—- At first glance, they look different, but in terms of details, they are designed for ring feeling.


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