To enjoy a Japanese cultural experiences! 2020/01/30

When you travel to Japan, you also can make Japanese cultural experiences. We are bringing you to see that we recommend you. 

1. Tea:

Tea came from China and spread to Japan. It became a one of cultural feature in Japan. Japanese tea ceremony has complicated procedures. Now we can also accept the tea ceremony in our church after the wedding ceremony.

The fee is JPY 50,000 for 10 people (excluding kimono rental) and wagashi.

2. Wagashi(Japanese sweets) and Sushi

In fact, in addition to sightseeing in the Kansai area, there are also many experiences that you can do by yourself, such as Japanese fruits and sushi. Each area has such a classroom where tourists can make and enjoy gourmet activities themselves!

Now some stores can use English teaching!


3. Wedding Kimono photoshoot 

What you can’t miss when you come to Japan is to experience kimono. However, if you also plan to travel wedding photography, welcome to wear formal and high-quality wedding kimono and enjoy our full Japanese service.

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