Tokyo pre-wedding Kimono photo - part 2 2020/01/27

Let’s keep going to look our location pre-wedding photo in Tokyo. PART 2!!

Heisei Garden

As the name suggests, the Japanese-style garden that opened in 2003 was located in Tokyo.

Here you can enjoy cherry blossoms in spring, hundred-day red in summer, and maple leaves in autumn.

Address:Kitakishi 3chome 2, Edogawa-ku, Tokyo

open time:







Wadakura Fontain park is located at out of the Imperial Palace and just need 7 minutes away from Tokyo Station. This is a park renovated by Reigning Emperor’s wedding anniversary, and it is also a good place for many people to take wedding photos in Tokyo.

Address: 3-1, Tokyo Imperial Palace, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo

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