Legal wedding in Japan we can do it!! 2019/12/20

In recent years, more and more couples are getting married in Japan. Except for Okinawa and Hokkaido, there are fewer applications in other regions. Mainly, legal marriage is a law-related application for Japan. It is unwilling to provide acceptance of legal marriage applications.

This time, one of couple from Hong Kong, they are like Japan very much, and then they liked our church and stained glass too. Therefore they want to apply for a legal marriage in Kyoto. After we communicated with the clerk of the district office, we finally got the accepted it successfully. Now we can also process legal marriages!

Let ’s take a look at what information you need to prepare!

1.Single Status Certificate

2.Birth Certificate

3.Passport and copy

4.Equipment for marriage requirements

5.   2 witness and their passport(If the witness are living in Japan who needs the certificate of residence)

All of the above require Japanese translation, and the documents need to be valid within three months, because the materials need to be sent to the clerks in advance for inspection and the Legal Affairs Bureau for inspection in advance.

If you need to go to the Legal Affairs Bureau for an interview, you will know when the information is submitted. It is recommended that the bride and groom stay for two to three days after marriage.

Keep in mind that Japanese government agencies will not go to work on Saturdays and Sundays. When choosing a wedding date, look at the date first.

If you apply in Kyoto, you can fill out a marriage application form that is limited to the area!

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