Pick your dream wedding shoes 2019/11/25

In addition to wedding dresses, wedding shoes are also very important for the bride!

If you are picking up a wedding shoe, take a look at the following recommended steps, you can pick your dream wedding shoes!

Brand → height → color


I think the light brand can burn a lot of the brain cells of the bride. From the budget and the brand of special hobbies, it is better to decide the first step.


Picking a good brand, and then coming is the height, mainly according to their height and the height of the groom. Which kind of picture of the difference between the two people is better? You can also consider it, and you usually don’t wear high heels. Don’t wear too high this day, unless you try to wear high heels for a few months before the wedding, so as not to get used to the day.


Basically everyone can pick the color they like because most of the wedding dress will be covered, unless it is a wedding dress with legs exposed.

Everybody likes the brand


《No.2》Christian Louboutin

《No.3》Miu Miu

《No.4》Manolo Blahnik


《No.5》Bella Belle


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