Kawagoe Yodogawa Shrine 2019/12/06

Kawagoe, also known as “Little Edo”, is located in the southwestern part of Saitama Prefecture, Kanto. It has quaint streets, unique cuisine, and a famous  shrine–Kawagoe Yodogawa Shrine.



Kawagoe Yodogawa Shrine also the prototype of  Anime Kamisama Kiss「神様はじめました 」 Mikage Shrine.

At the same time, as a very successful place for marriage, many people will come here to visit.

Kawagoe Yodogawa Shrine mainly prays for love fate, happy marriage and happy family.

Every summer ,The shrine held  “Relative wind bell” (縁 む す び 风铃),Will be full of about 2,000 wind chimes,The girls tied the paper with their wishes on the Edo wind chimes and hung in the shrine to pray for fate.This is the busiest time of the year.

The breeze is coming, the bells are bursting, and sincerely praying under the wind bell, it is rated as “the most romantic summer festival” by Japanese netizens.

In addition to the wind chimes, the most famous photo spot at Shrine is the Ema Tunnel.

Rows of densely painted horses cover the sky, and people can’t help but go in and take pictures.


Kawagoe Yodogawa Shrine is also very special in the way of signing. They use “fishing”. After putting in the coins, use a fishing rod to fish the carp with the signed message, and the signed message is in the belly of the small fish.  

In addition, every eight o’clock in the morning, the God Society releases the marriage stone spelled by the witch, which will soon be finished, so go early! If a good marriage is encountered, they will return the stone to the shrine and they will continue to give it to the next friend.

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