This winter visit to Kansai for pre-wedding photo! 2019/11/04

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In 2019, there are only less than 2 months left. In the cold winter, if you want to come to Japan to take a wedding photo, please read this article.

Let us arrange a day for you to take a wedding photo shoot in Japan!

Try clothes in the clothing store one or two days before the shooting!

Before the photoshooting , there will be a commissioner to contact you. You can tell the groom that the bride and groom like the wedding style and the size, so that the special Japanese commissioner in the clothing store can choose a similar style for you to try on! (You can also pick a pictures for fitting.)

If you have any problems with the try-on, you can talk to the specialist!

Recommended itinerary on the day of shooting

A set of kimono + a wedding dress two shooting locations

It is recommended to start shooting from the kimono first! Basically, the bride wears a kimono and warms up a lot. The groom can wear pants underneath.

Recommended location kimono shooting location!







After the Kimono, you can take a wedding photo in our gem church (the indoor shooting does not need to be cold outside!) and our historically stained glass front wedding photos, and the church also has a lot of European style, very suitable for shooting Wedding photos, is also a popular shooting choice for Japanese couples! !

In this way, the Western-style + Japanese-style wedding photos.

In the last winter of the this year, you can take a set of wedding photos.

If you want to know more details, please contact us! ! 



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