2019 Universal Studios Japan --Crystal Christmas 2019/11/06

This winter, Universal Studios Japan will be surrounded by crystals!
USJ has two major points of view in 2019.
1,create a 360-degree crystal Christmas street and Christmas tree!

Therefore, this year’s Christmas theme is also called “Crystal Christmas”.

2,last year’s popular “Mini Corps Christmas Party” will debut again this year.


The event will be held from November 14, 2019 to January 13, 2020.


[Point 1]
New Christmas entertainment project

This year’s Christmas lights and performances in USJ  are different from the past. The whole street will be surrounded by 360-degree crystal lighting and gorgeous light spots projected. There are more than 30 meters of Christmas trees surrounded by crystals, standing in the square area. A new Christmas repertoire “Crystal Arrangement” will be staged at “Gramsey Park in New York” to experience a new experience that shines in the heart.


[Point 2]
Yellow Christmas

Minions Christmas Party, Minions continues to accompany you for Christmas!!!

This year, there will be a popular “Minions Christmas Party”, and the little yellow people will decorate the Christmas street…and the garlands and ornaments will be yellow! As soon as you step into the Minions Park, you will see a lot of yellow Christmas ornaments, yellow Christmas trees and yellow Christmas wreaths, a yellow Christmas!

The park has also announced Christmas-limited products and snacks,

and then you can buy more Minions stuff.


画像提供:ユニバーサル・スタジオ・ジャパン (C) 2019 Universal Studios. All Rights Reserved.


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