The grateful moment of wedding party! 2019/09/13

Today, we want to introduce the most favorite and most touching plot of the wedding banquet. For the parents, the marriage is an important day for the two people. It is also the family of the two families. The bride and groom will also be a small group. Family, at this time, we must thank our parents who raised our grown-ups and write the love that we can’t say at all. Just write a letter at this time and say it to Mom and Dad.

To write down and read words that you want to talk to mom and dad.

When the bride and groom both say to their parents, they can send the flowers to their parents, and then don’t forget to say “Thank you, I love you!” 

In addition to sending flowers, you can also send a picture like a painting, and write a lovely image to write a thank you.

Have a good time hugging Mom and Dad!

It is also very popular in Japan – the birth of a bear, let the father and mother relive the weight of the bride and groom when they were born!

The bottom of the foot can be embroidered with the name and birth weight!


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