Intercultural marriage! Japanese wedding invitation! 2019/09/11

The wedding invitation is called “kekkon shoutaijou.”

Every country there is different wedding cultures, the wedding invitation style is different too. If you have a Japanese wedding and need to invitation the Japanese guests that you must to know this article.

◎There are two difference content from parents and self. 

This is sample from couple. 

This is sample from parents. 

◎You also need these papers. 

The invitation. response postcard with stamp. the information of access and sticky note.

Sticky noted that is you will need to ask your friends to help you on the wedding or speach on the reception that you need to make a note to them and thanks first. 

◎The response postcard with stamp.

Don’t forget to put a stamp on the card and you can use JPY62 special stamp for wedding. 

The guests will select the response of attendance for you. 


The important thing is the word of handwritten or computer printing which one that you prefer to choose. 


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