2020 is the great year for wedding! 2019/09/09

This photo is Osaka St.Bath Church. 

Less 4 months will go to 2020 year. The couple who is planning wedding ceremony next year, are you ready? !

Now we are introducing the important thing that is about the months in 2020.

Besides, for Chinese, 2020 is double spring year and it is also best year for getting married. 

1. The popular months who are inquiry for overseas wedding for chinese area:

 Jan.Feb. Mar. Apr. Jun. Sep now is popular months for overseas wedding. 

@Kyoto St. Andrews Church 

2. Best months in 2020: 

May. June!  

@Kobe St. Morgan Church 

3. If you decide the month and don’t forget to check the holiday in Japan.  Avoid the streets were seething with tourists.

New year holiday 

23.24 Feb. 

3-6 May Golden week

24 July to 9 August  2020 Olympic Games in Tokyo

Although the Olympics are in Tokyo, many tourists from all over the world travel to other cities, especially in the Kansai area such as Kobe, Kyoto, where many people plan to travel together!

23.24 July

21-22 September 

4. Would you want to visit the 2020 cherry blossom season and the maple season. 

Now, the consumption tax will be adjusted starting in October, and by the end of September this month, the original price can be maintained by 2020!

    Cherry blossom in Kansai area:Middle of March to first of April. 

    Maple season in Kansai area:Middle of November to first of December

Donʻt forget to buy the flight ticket early and you maybe can get the special price of ticket recently. 

Welcome to contact us for more detail of wedding ceremony.  contact us: info@overseas-wedding.jp 


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