Wedding dress and bouquets!!!Come and find the best bouquet for your wedding dress~ 2019/09/16

1,  Round bouquets are the most traditional,Whether it is a fat, thin or tall bride or any form of dress, you can choose Round bouquets .

2,The Tail wedding dress  is very suitable for the style of the waterfall-shaped bouquet  .

 will be different according to the different materials and colors, which will form a gorgeous, fresh and rustic style. It is very suitable for the grand and luxurious wedding.It is very suitable for the grand and luxurious wedding.

3, Wearing a simple wedding dress, can be paired with a long stem hand bouquet, very suitable for elegant and noble bride, the bride put it on the arm, very design sense.


4, cute princess-shaped wedding dress, can be matched with a circular hand bouquet, the flower ring is a circular ring, symbolizing eternity, in the ancient West, the circular wreath hangs at the door, which means to protect happiness.

5, If wearing a wedding white, colorful flowers can be used as an embellishment.If you want a feeling of holiness, use more white flowers, and be sure to use green leaves.

 6, more decorative wedding dresses, you can choose a simple style, you can also choose a colorful color holding flowers, but the color of the bouquet should match the decoration of the clothes, people think it is a match.

 the wedding white is more than a lot, so the colorful bouquets of flowers as props and embellishments will play a greater role. If you want to highlight the feeling of holiness, the flowers are all white, and must be accompanied by green leaves.

6,  Decided to throwing the bridal bouquet

It is advisable to use a spherical bouquet and more long ribbons. The scene when thrown will be very moving.



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