Dream wedding Be a Disney princess!! 2019/08/19

This years, Disney has remake many live-action  movies, which reminds the girls of their childhood memories.

The most important thing about the wedding is the wedding dress! Come and recommend us today TAGAYA wedding dress in the same wedding dress as the Disney Princess theme.

Putting on the right wedding dress is the first step in completing the wedding in your dreams.


【 Snow White】


Satin material, the color is mainly red, and the red ribbon bow can be worn on the head.



Satin with crepe, you can also choose a shiny blue Peng yarn skirt.



Blue-green, yarn-quality material, it is recommended that the vest or the fishtail skirt with waist is also beautiful.



Blue, purple and pink are all suitable colors. Remember to take the sleeves on your shoulders!



Pink and purple, then must have a flower pattern or design on the wedding dress.



Absolutely “yellow”, you can choose satin or choose a skirt, no matter which one is super beautiful.


Now the wedding ceremony + 10 people from the wedding reception to accept the inquiry!

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