Rokkosan Pasture 2019/07/24

The Rokkosan Pasture is very beautiful.

I really like  here, a place with super love, suitable for bringing children.

Many animals can be seen, and the flocks are grazing on the vast grasslands.

There are many other small animals on the Rokkosan Mountain. 

 Pigs, lambs, pony, rabbits, etc…

Can be fed, especially the sheep

You can down on a large lawn and have a picnic.

It may be very cold in winter, and it is the best in spring and summer to come .

Also, you can come here and enjoy the ice cream here, It’s very delicious.

The milk is very strong,  I decided to eat the second one. Haha…


1-1, Nakaichi-riyama, Rokko-cho, Kobe City


500 yen for adults,

 200 yen for elementary school students and junior high school students, 

 free for young children




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