Kyoto family trip - Kyoto Aquarium 2019/06/28

Kyoto, a popular tourist place , it also has a place for family trips !

Today, we want to introduce the “Kyoto Aquarium”, the sultry summer, the coolness of the aquarium and the world of animals.

It can be said that it is a time of summer and fun.

In the summer vacation, the Kyoto Aquarium also launched a nighttime admission event.

Open reminder day of night : 2019‌

July 13 (Sat.) to July 15 (Mon.), ‌

July 20 (Sat.) to July 26 (Fri.), ‌

July 28th (Sun.)~August 2nd (Fri.), ‌

August 4th (Sun.) to August 31st (Sat.), ‌

September 14 (Sat.) to September 16 (Mon.), ‌

September 21 (Sat.) to September 23 (Mon.), ‌

October 13 (Sun.), October 14 (Mon.), ‌

November 2 (Sat.) to November 4 (Mon.), ‌

December 21 (Sat.), December 22 (Sun.) (scheduled to be announced on the official website)‌

Adult 2,050円  
High student up 1,550円  
elementary/junior high school 1,000円  
Child(3 years old up) 600円  


[A set of wedding kimono shooting recommended trips]

11:00am  arrive the church and makeup starting → sleep well in the morning

1:00pm departure location wedding kimono shooting

Recommended location Kyoto Imperial Palace

2:30pm return to the church after the shooting

3:00pm take a rest and change to wedding dress

4:00pm photo in Kyoto St. Andrews Church

5:00pm  change the clothes and finish the day.

Between 5:00pm to 6:00pm , you can arrange meals and then go to the Kyoto Aquarium.

If you just choose to day at night is open, it is time to enter the Aquarium at night: 5 pm to 8 pm.  ‌ Note that the popular Dolphin Show is a 7:15pm show. Remember to take a good seat early in the day!


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