Osaka Family Travel --Come to Osaka's Sea Tour 2019/06/24

The Haiyou Pavilion opened its doors in 1990. The unique display method has made it loved by many people for many years. Japan’s Osaka Aquarium is known as one of the world’s largest aquariums. Located in the Tianbao Mountain of Osaka, the Sea Tour is an 8-story, epoch-like volcanic belt and a life belt with ten regional ecosystems. The Osaka Aquarium, also known as the Sea Tour, is as large as the Pacific Ocean. The appearance of the sea tour hall is composed of three colors: symbol, water and fire. The frescoes of the fish on the outer wall were drawn by British designer Serge Ivan Chermayeff who lives in the United States. Approximately 580 species of nearly 30,000 different species of marine life were displayed through 14 large water tanks. The Pacific Sink, which is about 5 meters wide and about 9 meters deep, has a total water storage capacity of about 5,400 tons. It is divided into 8 floors, preferably from the top down to the next floor. The recommended duration is 2 hours to half a day. In the new body-sensing area, you can touch the creatures in the sea and feel the skin of the creatures living in the sea. Ideal for families and kids to go sightseeing.

One adult ¥2,000 yen

Opening hours: 10:00 to 20:00 (admission time: 19:00)

Rest day: depending on the season

Regular holiday: December 25th to 31st


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