When wearing a kimono, there are fixed accessories. 2019/05/27

When wearing a kimono, there are fixed accessories.

 末広(すえひろ):Folding fan

It is a folding fan that the bride takes.

Because the fan is open when the happiness is expanded, the meaning of the expansion.

懐剣(かいけん) :bodyguard short sword

The short sword inserted in the chest strap was developed from the princess’s bodyguard with a short sword.

The implication is that a woman in a warrior can protect herself

when she is in danger or protect her husband and his child’s body.

In other words, it is not just a “special thing at the time of marriage,”

but a practical product that should naturally be a warrior.


筥迫(はこせこ): box-shaped purse

A box-like ornament that can be placed on the chest like a makeup tool and a mirror.

The embarrassing materials are brocade, silk satin, woolen cloth, etc.,

accompanied by gorgeous embroidery and tassels.

Basically, the bodyguard dagger and purse are used together.


かかえ帯: thin strap

At the waist wide belt, the belt is fitted with a thin belt.

Originally used to tie long sleeves, it is now used for decoration.


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