Wedding party 123 easy to preparing! 2019/05/06

Coming to Japan to get married, in addition to wedding ceremonies and wedding banquets, do you want to hold them together? ! What are you prepared for the troubled wedding reception? What is the process of Japanese wedding banquet?

1. The host who needs the wedding MC:

Overseas wedding advice can find friend to take the host of the wedding banquet or increase the budget to find us to help you host the wedding!

2. Dietary attention:

please be sure to confirm whether the guests have food allergies and unpleasant food types, the Japanese banquet will pay special attention to the guests’ eating habits.

3. The points of the wedding party!

Grand Entrance:

Remember to decide the songs or music that the two entered!

Wedding cake:

The necessary cake cutting ceremony in the Western wedding banquet. After the cut, the groom feeds the bride with a small spoon, and the bride feeds the bridegroom with a big spoon! !


The letter to parents and prepare a gift for your parents:

This is a touching time, a letter written by hand and a gift for Mom and Dad.

Interactive games in the banquet (if you are a newcomer who likes to be busy, you can consider it)

Station wrong team

This is to invite all the guests to move together, the topic can be related to the bride and groom, let everyone choose right or wrong, the last successful guest can get a small gift

Blessing card

Bless the small card under the photo table, please write down the blessings for the newcomers and put them into the lucky draw. The winners will be drawn by the newcomers.

Singing or dancing time

Grand Exit: 

In the wedding banquet or party, the groom is more hard and needs to prepare the “welcome speech” and the last “thanks speech” for the wedding to start a good time and finally draw a perfect ending.



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