There is no better bride than wearing Shiromuku ! ! 2019/04/24

This time, I will explain the Shiromuku!
Let’s trace the history of Shiromuku

Since ancient Japan,

white has been considered a sacred color and is considered to be a color like sunlight.
The clothes worn at birth are white,

and the death suit worn by the deceased is also white.

The moment you wear white is undoubtedly very important to the Japanese.


Since the Heian era,

pure white dresses have received attention during the wedding.
Pure is a symbol of white and has become the main choice for bridal gowns.

 In the Muromachi era,

the Ashikaga Shogunate began to conduct rave education, gave birth to a wedding ceremony, and prescribed a white dress for the wedding.

The bride wears white and has no sense of “white color, which is married to the groom’s family and dyes the color of the other’s family.”

The deeper meaning is that “the daughter of the original family has died and is born again as a daughter-in-law of the marriage and family.”

Your own surname will change, and the place where you live will change.

The living environment of the bride will change greatly after marriage.

“When you wear Shiromuku, you can regenerate yourself, revitalize your life in a new life, and live in a new marriage.”



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