find the wedding dress that suits you best 2019/04/19

Before choosing a wedding dress, in addition to understanding your own body shape, you must also understand different types of wedding dresses. Also look at the atmosphere of the wedding scene that day, to find the wedding dress that suits you best.


So, let’s see what kind of wedding dresses are there!


1, A-Line

The A-line skirt is the most popular choice for the main bride, because the A-line skirt is perfect for each body type.

The source of the name looks like the shape of the letter “A”. The waist is high and the skirt is from the waist to the hem. Vertical lines are highlighted to make the bride look taller! Regardless of age, the A-line skirt is a very popular collection, because it gives a relatively simple and elegant impression regardless of body size.


Suitable for the crowd

Not picking up; people who like simple style


2, Princess line

The princess dress  has a fluffy skirt and starts to change at the waist. For example, there will be a multi-layer lace stitching, which can show a full layering. The princess dress is the dress that every girl dreams of, because there is a princess dream in every girl’s heart.


Suitable for the crowd

Not picking up; people who like cute style


3, Sheath

This skirt will show off your excellent body contours. Your skirt can choose to have a charming embellishment or a minimalist route. Straight contours are featured. For women who want to create an adult atmosphere, it is recommended to give a stylish and elegant impression. The extension of the skirt is small, so it can be worn even in a compact venue.


Suitable for the crowd

Thin, tall; people who like nature style


4, Mermaid Dress

The fascinating mermaid skirt emphasizes the curve of your body and stretches your body, making the legs very long.


Suitable for the crowd

Thin, tall; people who like mature style


5, high waist skirt 

The high-waist skirt is just like its name. The unique point is the high waist, and the rest of the skirt will fall straight down from the waist to the ground. Because it can be worn without worrying about the abdomen, it is a very popular choice for brides who already have a baby.


Suitable for the crowd

Small man, pregnant mother;

Like cute, natural style people.


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