The traditional wedding dress for Japanese women 2019/04/10

The traditional wedding in Japan is also called ” wakon”,

and the wedding clothes can be roughly divided into three types: ” Shiromuku”, “Irouchikake” and “Hikifurisode”.



” Shiromuku”

Shiromuku means that the clothes are white from top to bottom, and it is the highest format formal dress in Japanese wedding costumes.

It symbolizes the fading of the colors of the family before marriage, and the color of the husband’s family from today.




Irouchikake and Shiromukuare formal dresses of the same grade.

However, because of the rich color and pattern of clothes, It reflects the gorgeous charm unique of women.

This kimono can be worn during wedding ceremonies and banquets.

Or use Shiromukuat the wedding ceremony, use Irouchikake during the banquet, so it is highly recommended to wear.




The Hikifurisode is a kind of Furisode. The Hikifurisode is the first dress of unmarried woman.

Therefore, wearing a Hikifurisode is the last chance to wear a long-sleeved kimono in life.

In contrast, when wearing this kimono, the requirements for the hair style are more relaxed.

Because the clothes are lighter than the Shiromukuand Irouchikake,so it is also widely used in wedding dress.



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