Only us!! Nijojo Wedding - 『Tea marriage』 2019/04/08

Nijo-Jo castle is also named Motorikyu nijojo which is located in Kyoto Japan. It is famous and important cultural propertie.

Especially in the season of cherry blossom , the white walls and the pink cherry blossoms reflect each other.

There are not only 50 kinds of cherry trees in the city, but a total of 300 trees.

Every autumn, the city was replaced with autumn clothes, full of red leaves. It will definitely arouse your praise.

Not only that, the two cities in summer and winter also have a different view.


There are also a variety of gardens in Nijo Castle. The viewing angles are different and the scenery you see will change.

This horticultural technology has also received high marks in the world.


Now, let’s introduce “tea marriage.”

“Tea Marriage” is a wedding held in the spirit of tea ceremony. “One session, one meeting” and “respecting the silence” refers to the spirit of the tea ceremony.

In the tea marriage, the bride and groom are dressed in traditional Japanese wedding kimonos. Invite friends and family around to attend the wedding of the two.


The groom and bride will exchange tea pot and drink. Then the two families will drink tea together.


Everyone in the family shares this bowl of tea and peace.

In the atmosphere of tea, a new family bond was born.

Now we have the exclusive qualification to hold a wedding in Nijo Castle.

If you want to hold your own unique wedding ceremony here,

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