From Norway wedding dress 『SADONI』 2019/04/01

This time we want to introduce the Norway’s brand “SADONI” which was founded by a couple in 2005. I originally wanted to find a wedding dress. I didn’t expect the couple to enter the wedding industry during the 14 years. More than a hundred wedding dresses have been designed, and now there are 50 strongholds around the world. The characteristics of the wedding dress is simple and more individual, and will do some key design at the hem or waist.


This dress is a high-waist design with a unique line in the upper body and a low-key classical lace at the bottom of the skirt, perfect for temperamental brides.



This piece is like a milky wedding dress. The design of the wedding dress on the lower skirt is also like the flower buds. The faint transparency on the chest is not exposed. The bride who likes to be a little sexy can try this wedding dress!

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