Let's look pretty wedding dress brand! 2019/03/20

In the next few days, we will introduce our wedding brand. This time we will introduce “A by Hatsuko Endo” and “David Fielden”.

A by Hatsuko Endo is a Japanese brand. It was founded in 1905 in Ginza, Tokyo. It can be said that it is a historical wedding brand of more than 100 years. Like Japanese 妳, you must try it on this brand of wedding


This is like a lily, white but special feeling. The design on the chest makes the bride feel super temperament. If you don’t like flat mouth, you should try it on this dress.


OMG!This color of Odette is wonderful ! Specially made blue-gray, embroidered on the chest, but a popular wedding dress!

『David Fielden』

It is a London brand that expresses the beauty and body of a woman through a wedding dress. Not only that, but also a combination of special materials and traditional lace. Actually, the wedding dress is really super beautiful. If you like the bride of classical feeling, you can also Put this in the list of considerations.


The front looks very classical and elegant. Turning to the back, it can be said that it is a bold design, revealing half of the back, plus the special lace on the clothes. The bride with a beautiful back is definitely recommended to try this wedding dress!

Feline purple

Elegant purple, breaking the traditional definition of purple, plus the hem of the hem, the gentle and beautiful feeling is completely presented.


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