To make the perfect match color dress and suits for your reception party! 2019/03/14

In the wedding, the most free and unconstrained time is the reception party!

Are you still worried about the color of the wedding dress for the wedding reception? Introducing several sets of matching wedding dresses and suits for the brides to refer to, but before confirming, it is still necessary to confirm the color of the theme color on the wedding banquet. It is also a great thinking mode to pick a wedding dress!

1. Blue

It will give people a feeling of healing, which makes people feel reliable. When your wedding arrangement is biased towards cyan or purple, wedding dresses can consider this color!

2.  Pink

Pink always the popular color for couple and you will get a lot choices. 

3. Yellow

The yellow dress makes bride and groom feel super energetic and also suitable for the reception party!


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