New Shiromuku was coming! 2019/03/08

We showed you some new irouchikake before, this time we want to show you three new shiromuku which is high noble of kimono.

Thousand cranes with silver stitch

『Cranes』It is an ancient god bird, especially its wonderful standing position and pure white feathers, which is a symbol of nobleness. When the thousand cranes gather, there will be good luck, put on this set to bring good luck to the wedding!

Noshi with the design of flower crane  

This shiromuku is the style of the sacred temple. The characteristic is that the texture on the white kimono is three-dimensional. It is really amazing to see it with your own eyes, and the fabric has a little luster, which can be said to be a low-key luxury.

Snow rings Shochiku Meigumi

It is symbol of the longevity for pine, the gentleman for bamboo and the noble for plum, the snow wheel’s texture and the blooming plum, which makes people feel the spring is coming. It can be said that it is a beautiful Nishijin weave.

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