Five spots must to visit in Osaka 2019/03/06

When you come to Kansai, you must mention the Kansai portal “Osaka”. The small series is to introduce you to the five recommended spots in Osaka City!

1. Umeda Station

It can be said that it is as important as the heart. Not only the traffic fortress, but also the nearby shopping malls, absolutely go shopping (buy) to late!

2. Umeda Sky Building Sky Garden Observatory

Near Umeda Station, walk for about 20-30 minutes. When you arrive near Umeda Station, you can arrange this attraction at night, overlooking the night view of Osaka City.

3. Osaka Castle

The most historical place, the urban look also retains a piece of past memory, to visit Osaka Castle, you can also feel the difference in Osaka.

4. Haiyoukan·Tianbaoshan Ferris Wheel

The sea tour hall can be said to be a place that big friends and children are recommended to visit. After visiting the sea tour hall, you can also go to the Ferris wheel.

5.Shinsaibashi Dotonbori

The Shinsaibashi Dotonbori business district is also a must-see for the Umeda Station business district. There are also Guli glico to watch.

Osaka St. Bath Church is located at Shinsaibashi Station. It is a 7-minute walk. It is very convenient to eat and drink near the church. If you want to know more information, fell free to contact us!


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