Kobe TEN thousand of night view! 2019/03/04

Usually mention Kyoto Osaka, this time to introduce the scenery that Kobe must see! !

We all know the three night scenes in Japan: Kobe, Hakodate and Nagasaki. When you come to Kansai, you have a chance to come and see the night view of Kobe. Here are three places to show you the best places to see the night view of Kobe!


1.Rokkosan garden terrace

Parking lot:yes,500yen / day(450 cars) 3~5 mins by walking from parking lot.

Time: 9:00~21:00


2.Rokkosan Tenran 



Parking lot:20 cars Transportation:1 mins by walking from parking lot. 

3. Mayasann-Kikuseidai 


Parking lot:No ,Please park the car at Mayasan Tenjoji. 

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