The daughter's day in March 2019/02/27

This Sunday is 『Hinamatsuri』 , also known as the daughter’s day or the doll’s day, on March 3rd. The Japanese parents for their daughter will set up a step-like display stand at home, from top to bottom, placed in the kimono doll, These dolls are called “Hinaningyo” in Japan.

And the doll is also very particular, look down at each layer of the description

The first stage is the court shape of a pair of emperors and queens.

  The queen is wearing twelve uniforms.

• The second stage is three palace ladies, holding wine, wine glasses and jugs.

• The third stage is a five-person band playing music.

• The fourth order is the follower, known as the right minister and the left minister, and the appearance is one old and one young.

• The fifth stage is three servants. On the left side, a cherry potted plant will be placed, and on the right side, an orange pot will be placed.

This is because of the Imperial Palace which is located in Kyoto. On the left is the cherry tree and on the right is the orange tree.

• The sixth stage usually has some small dowry furniture.

• The seventh order is the oxcart, heavy box, sedan chair, etc.

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