Let't see fabulous New iroucikake 2019/02/22

At the end of last year, we had a few new kimonos. One of them, the bride in December last year was still married, and I saw this thing with my own eyes. It was really beautiful! ! In fact, the beauty of the kimono is worth watching. Our kimonos are mostly Nishijin weaves. The workmanship and design are unique. The wedding commemorative photos once in a lifetime can not only experience wearing a kimono but also seeing the sprit of kimono.

◎impulse planting  chrysanthemum  water flow diagram

◎Navy blue Crane

◎Navy Blue Autumn

◎Orange red  flower float with crane

Is it beautiful? The focus is on the design of the back and the hem of the sleeves. Everyone has a chance to try on our color to hang it!


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