New year start let's watching our new wedding dresses - Princess style 2019/02/01

Let’s seeing our new wedding dresses, totally 4 princess style. Every bride saw the dresses just said so beautiful. 

1. Elenore 

This is first choice of 2019. The front of dresses is sample design but the back is embroid. If you like a bit mature and a little cute, recommend this wedding dress!

2. Lily

This piece is the hem of the yarn. This piece is super like the fluffy feeling and then the line of the back of the whole skirt is really very beautiful. If you don’t like the satin wedding dress, it is recommended to try it on!

3. Canella

The curl of the wedding dress always the focus of many wedding dresses. Canella’s back has a shape like a wave. When you walk on the red carpet, the back pendulum is very beautiful and beating. If you wear this piece, you must also record it. The bow also hides the girl’s heart, an important moment in life, let’s try this one!

3. Chloe 

This little edited bride has picked up! Wearing a super beautiful, hem yarn embroidery, the bride loves to put it down, and this one is very beautiful when taken outdoors, because it is not a long long tail, so it is not only convenient to take pictures outdoors, but also a set of wedding dress recommended for outdoor shooting.

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