The best blessing day - Setsubun 2019/01/25

If you travel in Kansai in the middle of January, you will definitely see a poster on the street with a big “Ehoumak“. This is because Sunday, February 3, before the spring coming the day before, there were different ceremonies in various places of Japan. Introducing the popular shrines and famous festivals in Kyoto.

『Bean Throwing 』 

The thing to do on the day of the festival is to bean throwing , which means that the ghosts are driven out and the blessings come in.


It was initiated by the earliest Kansai University. After that, the custom was spread all over the country. On this day, the food rolls were also sushi rolls. There were 7 kinds of recipes in it. The focus was on this sushi roll, and then you should eat sushi. The blessing way of the year is in the northeast, and everyone need to finish the whole sushi to the same place!


Yoshida Shrine 

Starting from the Muromachi period, the festival is to use the shield and spear Fang Xiangshi to drive away the three ghosts of red, blue and yellow, and to repel the ghosts.

Burn offering

Yasaka Shrine

Because the Yasaka Shrine is in the Gion area, they invite the Maiko dance to the dance performance and the bean.

Shimogamo Shrine

Chasing bows and archery rituals.

Kamigamo Shrine

On the same day, there will be a ceremony of beans throwing, and another one is burn ceremony.

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