Shape of autumn! 2019/01/23

Spring and Autumn they are the high season to visit Japan in a year. Therefore the price of flight ticket and accommodation are higher than normally. Preparing early that you can save more money! Let ‘s looking around where is the popular place for pre-wedding. 

Arashiyama(Weekday is recommend) 

The beauty of Arashiyama, whether it is a holiday, is a lot of tourists, so it is absolutely necessary to be mentally prepared first, but it is not just the beauty ofArashiyama, the serene and beautiful scenery, and the unforgettable wedding photos.

Kyoto Gyoen

There are different scenery in the four seasons, plum blossoms in early spring, cherry blossoms in spring, maple leaves in autumn, and there are tourists scattered in the area because of the wide area. Locals like to come to Kyoto Gyoen to take wedding photos, whether it is Western wedding dress or kimono.

Maruyama Park

It can be said that it is the most famous park in Kyoto city there are the Japanese garden and the Yasaka Shrine are right next to the park. The most of them are planting cherry blossoms, but there are some maple trees. If you want to take the wedding photo in the Japanese gardens and maple leaves, here is recommended too. 

Higashiyama area

The traditional Japanese street and buildings , from daylight to night hundreds visitors, there will be several maple trees, and newcomers like traditional Japanese architecture, this is definitely a good place to shoot.

If you are planing to come to Kyoto for wedding in Autumn that we are opening for reservation. Feel free to contact us now! 


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